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Episode 4

Overcome setbacks by growing your grit

So you stopped procrastinating, you started saying no instead of people-pleasing, you conquered your fear of judgment. So you’re home free now, right? Think again, recovering perfectionist. In this episode, Erika talks about overcoming setbacks with one very important quality. Grit. 

In This Episode…

  • [01.13] Why I’ve been gone as it relates to the perfectionism struggle.
  • [05.12] Why grit is important to a recovering perfectionist.
  • [10.00] Defining grit
  • [13.47]  How to grow your grit


People and References Mentioned in the Show

  • The Stuck on Perfect: Overcome Perfectionism and Get Shit Done Ebook with accompanying audio is our sponsor. Grab it for FREE at
  • The definitions and strategies for growing grit were adapted from Angela Duckworth’s book Grit: The Power of Passion and Perseverance. You can purchase it here: (affl. link)

Episode Length: 25:48

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