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04 Overcome setbacks by growing your grit

Episode 4 Overcome setbacks by growing your grit So you stopped procrastinating, you started saying no instead of people-pleasing, you conquered your fear of judgment. So you’re home free now, right? Think again, recovering perfectionist. In this episode, Erika talks...

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03 How to do social media as a perfectionist

Episode 3 How to do social media as a perfectionistSocial media and perfectionism can be like oil and water and how we can smooth out that rocky relationship. Perfectionist or not, these tips can help because Instagram has a nasty way of making us all feel like we’ll...

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01 What is Perfectionism

Episode 1 What is Perfectionism and why is there a podcast about it?In this first episode, we dive into what Perfectionism really means and why we should learn to overcome it. Download the Stuck on Perfect ebook with accompanying audio mentioned in the podcast at...

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02 How to beat all or nothing thinking

Episode 2 How to shift your mindset from Go Big or Go Home to Done is Better than PerfectOne of the biggest blocks perfectionists face is all or nothing thinking. In this episode Erika teaches you how that “go big or go home” mentality is holding you back and three...

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