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Meet Erika

Hi, I’m Erika 

I help women with big ideas, big goals, and major ambition push through their perfectionism, fear, and imposter syndrome so that they can feel confident, prepared, and in control.

You’re in the right place if you’re a woman with who deep down inside knows she’s destined for more. But every time you get an inkling that you’re ready to make your move, you think of 50 reasons why it won’t work out, you get overwhelmed and you even believe you’re just not worth it.

You’re afraid to make a mistake, so you try to compensate. You take an hour to write a two-sentence email because the last time, you used the wrong there and it still haunts you. You make sure everyone around you is happy your needs come last, if at all. When it’s time to get something done, you procrastinate. And that nasty voice inside your head tells you you’ll never actually get what you want because you’re just not good enough. Maybe you’ve never named it before, but you’re a perfectionist and it’s holding you back. 

ready to change your life

Hop on a clarity call with me. I promise it won’t hurt, but it could be the first step to making your dreams come true! 

But can i really help you?  

I can. Because I was you. 

When I was in 2nd grade (I know, way back, but I promise it’s relevant), I was tasked to write an all about me book. And one of the prompts asked what I wanted to be when I grew up, and in my beautifully laminated book with blue yarn binding, I wrote, “When I grow up, I want to be a cashier.” 

Y’all, even at 7 years old, I was playing small. Now, I’ve actually been a cashier in my life (shoutout to Staples!) and while there’s certainly nothing wrong with it, aside from maybe the prospect of automation, that was not what I was destined for. 

But when it really came down to decision time in terms of what I really wanted to be when I grew up, I continued to place limits on myself. My first major in college was Music Industry. But I decided I wasn’t cutthroat enough for a career in the field, so I switched to Music Therapy. But then I decided I wasn’t a good enough singer to continue in the program. So eventually, I decided I’d be a social worker. I could handle that. So I finished up undergrad, dutifully worked for a year, and went to grad school. 

During graduate school in a clinical social work program, there’s lots of talk among students about going into private practice…meaning owning a business. And when I participated in those conversations, I’d always say something like, “I could never own a business; I’d rather just work for someone else.” 

And that’s what I did. For 8 years, I worked for the man, loving the work I was doing, but feeling stifled by the bureaucracy of it all. But then at the urging of a dear friend, I started a part-time private therapy practice. And I got bit by the entrepreneurial bug. I was doing the damn thing and doing it well. 

And 6 months after opening my part-time practice an opportunity to move around the country for a few years came up. It was decision time. Could I really leave the security of my safe, fulfilling, albeit stressful and inflexible job to be the business owner I swore I could never be? And not a conventional, brick and mortar therapist — and online therapist. Could I really do something that people very close to me cautioned me against and have them be disappointed in me? 

Turns out, the answer was yes. But it was far from easy. And it was at this point that capital P Perfectionism was making something that was already hard damn near impossible.

Doubting yourself at every turn, constantly feeling like you’re not good enough isn’t great for your mental health. So I did what I know to do, and saw my own therapist. And in that office, I made major breakthroughs in how I view my success and failures. They are not an indictment on my worth. And it was freeing. 

So freeing, that I wanted to share that feeling with others. So over on my therapy blog, I started writing about perfectionism. And lo and behold, I started attracting clients who struggled in the same way. And while some had other mental health diagnoses that needed to be treated in therapy, many really needed coaching. And since I had success in my therapy practice, it was natural that I create a system using strategies that I know work, not just because they worked on me, but they worked for my clients as well. 

So here I am. Ready to empower women who have felt small and suffocated by their perfectionism. Because there’s a whole world of possibilities out there for you and there’s no reason your perfectionism should limit you. 

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Hop on a clarity call with me. I promise it won’t hurt, but it could be the first step to making your dreams come true!