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Episode 9

You might be a perfectionist if…

A lot of times, people who struggle with perfectionism don’t call it that. They often believe that because they aren’t actually perfect, because they make mistakes, and because other people seem to have it more together than they do, they can’t possibly be a perfectionist. Basically, the thinking is, “I’m not perfect enough to be a perfectionist.” But no one is perfect. So In this episode you’ll learn 7 signs you’re a perfectionist. 


And because this is the last episode of 2019, we’ll also reduce that end of the year anxiety but putting the new year into perspective. 

In This Episode…

[01:58] Why the end of the year is a false deadline

[07:01] 7 signs you’re a perfectionist 

[11:58] Why perfectionism is a problem

People and References Mentioned in the Show

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Episode Length: 16:35

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    Your Host: Erika Ames | Life Coach